• Fare collection systems - Project: Budapest

Park & Ride Solutions

Transit Agencies have long known that on their daily journey from home, many commuters travel the first and last leg of their journey by car. For this reason many agencies tend to be one of the largest owners of parking lots and garages in a given region.

Scheidt & Bachmann‘s Park & Ride solution offers substantial incentives for passengers to use Park & Ride rather than to complete their whole journey by car. This solution integrates all the functionalities of a parking revenue system with a public transport fare collection system. Park & Ride allows your passengers to have a comfortable, time-saving and stress-free journey by using only one ticket medium for parking and travelling.

The system integration of Park & Ride provides numerous economic and synergistic benefits for transit authorities:

  • increases revenue and reduces costs
  • collects substantial information on customer behavior
  • attracts and satisfies more passengers
  • offers discounts, incentives or niche products and raises loyalty of current riders