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Commuter Rail Solutions

Commuter Rail Lines are often seen as the spokes of a large metropolitan hub, reaching out to the peripheries of a region, allowing commuters to access other lines of the network. These lines often have unique, complex fare structures and tend to be just one mode of a rider’s multi-modal journey.

FareGo provides ticketing solutions optimally tailored to the requirements of this challenging operational area. Commuter Rail stations vary from sheltered platforms at the edges of a system, with or without a park & ride lot, to central points of intersection for millions of people traveling every day. To ensure smooth operation, FareGo ticketing solutions can equally match the individual requirements of commuters, casual riders and tourists. Especially at rush hours, FareGo’s high processing speed and reliability satisfy the further crucial parameters.

FareGo ticketing systems for stations:

Ticketing solutions for stations: