Modern eTicketing with a versatile medium

Smart card ticketing uses modern smart chip cards, as opposed to classic ticket media such as paper tickets or magnetic cards.

Smart cards, a particularly secure storage medium for electronic ticket products and cashless credit, can be processed without contact and at high speed. They are an ideal medium for public passenger transport, providing smooth operation that is fast and able to handle large crowds.

Smart card systems enable transport service providers to implement flexible tariffs, reduce cash flows, and provide, as an electronic ticket system, a comprehensive data base to optimize numerous business processes.

Through a wide range of available card types and standards with different characteristics, smart card systems can be comprehensively adapted to the requirements of the individual transport service provider.

Your benefits

  • with a smart card system you create the basis for the implementation of further eTicketing concepts like account-based ticketing
  • easily adapt bulky tariff structures to changing conditions
  • seamlessly incorporate smart card management software into the back-office system to provide quick and smooth smart card handling
  • generate valuable operational data, for use in business optimization
  • reduce the requirement for cash inside the system, the effort for cashier services, and the opportunity for theft or fraud
  • provides contactless technology that is more durable and less fault-prone and maintenance-intensive than the mechanical components in conventional ticketing systems
  • significantly faster ticketing processes reduce wait times and benefit smooth operation
  • makes the entire ticketing process more comfortable and reduces public transportation entry barriers through features like. easier-to-handle field devices, reduced cash handling, custom tariff structures, trouble-free ticket inspection, etc. 
  • automates fare calculation; passengers no longer need any tariff knowledge to ride the system
  • provides a highly forgery-proof medium for efficient protection against fraud attempts and makes them easily detectable
  • provides comprehensive security features, like positive and negative lists, as well as seamless data encryption