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FareGo Virtual Ticket Agent (ViTA)

FareGo Virtual Ticket Agent (ViTA) enables transport operators to improve customer experience when buying a ticket at a ticket vending machine. FareGo ViTA transforms FareGo ticket vending machines (TVMs)into a fully operational ticket agency, offering passengers face-to-face remote assistance via live-chat functionalities to help them buy tickets. Besides simple advice, ticket clerks can also remotely control the TVM’s user interface. 

FareGo ViTA extends the proven concept of self-service ticket vending machines with video and audio transmission, as well as remote functionalities providing competent ticket clerks wherever and whenever their assistance is needed.

FareGo ViTA was developed to smoothly implement into existing Fare Collection Systems. It is an ideal solution for transportation companies to improve their ticket sales without the costly and time-consuming acquisition of new devices.

Benefits / Characteristics

  • instant help without the need to find a ticket clerk or walk long distances to the next ticket counter
  • personalized customer service also at unmanned stations
  • less personnel required to provide better customer service – especially for remote locations and at off-peak times
  • pooling of resources and equipment creates synergies and reduces costs per station
  • simple and flexible personnel and deployment planning
  • perfect use of all resources including personnel and TVMs
  • fast reaction time to meet unforeseeable events (e.g., delays) or individual requirements (e.g., language skills or local knowledge)
  • comprehensive monitoring and reporting of all transactions delivers data basis for further improvements