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Upcoming change in leadership

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Matthias Augustyniak, who has led our Fare Collection System division for over 17 years, has announced that he will be handing over the management of Scheidt & Bachmann Fare Collection Systems GmbH to Andreas Räschmeier in April 2022.

“It is time for me to say: Goodbye.”

Andreas Räschmeier will manage Scheidt & Bachmann Fare Collection Systems GmbH as CEO from April 1, 2022. In order to support the handover to Andreas Räschmeier, Matthias Augustyniak will remain in the management of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH until June 30, 2022.

Matthias Augustyniak has successfully led the Fare Collection Systems division since 2004, and together with his team, has developed the business to its current size and position of strength. He now wants to slow down his professional career and continue part-time as an entrepreneur.

“I have very much enjoyed my long time at Scheidt & Bachmann. I consider it a privilege to have worked with such a great team, and to have built such trusting and collaborative relationships with our valued clients. Over these years together we have mastered many challenges and achieved many great results. I look back with pleasure and pride, but I am also excited to look forward to what lies ahead in the next chapter of my life,” commented Matthias Augustyniak.

Every one of us at Scheidt & Bachmann wishes Matthias Augustyniak the very best with what comes next. Thank you for your great contribution over all those years!