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    Managed Services

    In a highly interconnected world, hosted systems are progressively becoming important. Part of our development from the mechanical engineer to the software and systems supplier are our own operations teams, who operate and monitor the systems of our customers using professional data centre partners. The portfolio of the so-called "hosted, managed service" is gradually developing. And therefore, it does not play an importance whether the software is installed on the customer's hardware or on the provided shared or private cloud environment. We cooperate with German and international partners, so it is up to you whether your system is located in the data centre Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Dallas.

    Depending on the profile requirements, we also offer certified services regardless of location. A selection of different network providers ensures secure communication at all times. Our data centre partners ensure ideal conditions and high availability of our systems, from high-performance air-conditioning systems, redundant power supply, up to our own block-type thermal power station and Argon gas extinguishing systems.