Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your first official day of work will be an orientation where you will learn about being an employee. You will receive instruction regarding internal process and policies and will meet other employees. Typically this day is a Monday and is followed by additional, division specific training on subsequent days. The on-boarding process continues after orientation with a “Welcome Guide” and on-going training. The on-boarding process provides the employee with support through the probationary period.

On the first day you will: meet with Human Resources to review policies and receive a tour of the office and manufacturing facilities in Lowell; you will meet with Accounting to learn about how to use the expense software; you will meet with the Payroll and Benefits Specialist to learn about the benefits, how to use the time-keeping software and the location of policies on-line; you will meet with IT to receive your laptop and instructions on our IT Policy and you will have a welcome lunch. A more detailed agenda will be provided when a start date has been set.

We do not have a formal dress code for our offices but business casual clothing is acceptable. On occasion a customer or senior member of the parent company will visit us people will wear more formal clothing.

During the Welcoming program you will be supported by a Guide who will assist you in the transition to your new workplace. Moreover he/she is your first contact person if you have any questions like: Where I can find..?; what should I do if…?; etc. Of course you can contact your Manager or us – the HR department at any time.

You can submit your resume to or fax it to (781)262-1654.

Scheidt & Bachmann has an extensive program of training for its’ employees. Third parties are not eligible to attend these trainings.

Yes, Scheidt & Bachmann believes that employees who are growing are engaged and engaged employees produce superior products. We encourage our employees to grow and provide them positions that reflect that growth.