Employer Scheidt & Bachmann – Success through dedication

    Pioneer spirit and continuing development of the products, manufactured by our founders 'pure' production company has evolved to an international systems integrator. This success was not enabled by the latest technology alone!

    Our highly-qualified employees are an important element to our success.

    The company has been lead for five generations by its founding family and many of our employees have become members of the family, reaching across generations. As an employer we like to think of ourselves as a family business.

    Our employees are aware and appreciate the advantages a family owned business provides over shareholder-led conglomerates. Our corporate culture is characterised by flat hierarchies and collegial cooperation. All employees from Leadership to Management to Production we all work towards the success of the company as a whole including as an employee!

    Scheidt & Bachmann employees have a strong passion for discovering and learning new aspects of their profession and our industries. We support these qualities by offering training both in-house and from 3rd parties. If you join Scheidt & Bachmann you will be part of a group of people who, like yourself, are curious about the world and seek to expand their knowledge through life-long learning.    

    Whether beginner or veteran, all employees receive a welcome package well before their first day at work. This packet contains important information allowing the employee to start their first day well prepared.

    Each new employee will also have a welcome guide from day one, this guide is there to help with the transition into the company.

    Scheidt & Bachmann employees benefit from being at the forefront of their industries. They are enriched by being part of a multi-national company that provides exposure to business transactions around the world. Our employees grow with the company and share in our success.

    Start with us into a mobile world!