Parking without tickets is trendy

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    Since the introduction of the ticketless system in the Gartenstraße car park in Düsseldorf in May 2018, the interest of our customers in ticketless parking systems has grown steadily. In the DACH area, for example, 25 ticketless systems are already in stock.

    The installations are used in the most diverse areas of our everyday life: from shopping centres, P+R areas, airports, event locations, clinics, city car parks to mixed-use properties such as affiliated hotels and, of course, innovation campuses.

    Most operators prefer one-barrier solutions - some have taken the next step and discovered the barrier-free option as a solution model.

    Scheidt & Bachmann offers complete solutions for ticketless entry and exit, including barrier-free. Cameras take over the control function via licence plate recognition. The functionalities are diverse and tailored to meet individual needs: rates can be adapted according to the areas car park, door openers allow access for authorised persons, payment and discounting of the parking fee can be done via apps, pay stations allow for cash and card payment, whether in advance or subsequently. For this purpose an interface for data transfer to collection agencies is available. The heart of the leading software is entervo, the Parking Management System Made by Scheidt & Bachmann. Permanently active in the background, it also offers data protection-compliant deletion mechanisms for transaction data.

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